Together we are a

family of kingdom-minded, missionally motivated churches.

Individually we are...



We are localized in our campuses. We have a meta-national mindset; not a multi-national or global. Meta-national sets itself apart by means of a mindset that taps into localized knowledge and leadership.


We are decentralized in our leadership and ministries. Major decisions will sit with the campus pastor rather than a single location.


We are synchronized in our mission and vision. We are also synchronized in six essential processes and systems (Business, Facilities, Communications, Ministries, Mission, and Worship). Together our goal to “Amplify the Hope and Life of Jesus to All” is enabled as we intentionally live With God, In Community and On Mission.


    We are churches committed to developing personal and corporate habits for a dynamic relationship with God. We emphasize prayer and the study of the Scriptures as critical habits that help us discern the plans and purposes of God for our lives.


    We are churches eagerly desiring to cultivate relationships where care, challenge and celebration occur. We emphasize living life as one faith family in the all-together – corporate worship -- and the small together -- small groups.


    We are churches that pursue opportunities to holistically care for the needs of our world. As the universal Church, we are called to actively participate in the mission of God. We are churches that passionately believe that God measures His church by how many we send not by how many we seat.


The Water’s Edge Network prioritizes the work that God is doing in and through our campus churches. We focus on a God who desires Hope and Life for all of His children. We focus upward, deepening our relationship with Him. We focus inward, developing relationships with each other where care, challenge and celebration are common. We also focus outward, pursuing opportunities to holistically care for the needs of our world. Our mission to Amplify the Hope and Life that only Jesus brings is pursued With God, In Community and On Mission.

As Kingdom-driven churches we exist to usher in the rule and reign of God on earth as it is in heaven. Our Gospel mission is a great commission because God’s rule pushes back evil. We see five primary ways this evil is expressed. We call these five expressions the, ‘Five Global Giants.’ A uniting feature of our network strategy is the commitment to address the Five Global Giants through a philosophy we have named, AMPED.