We are a family of kingdom-minded, missionally motivated churches working together to amplify the hope + life of Jesus to all

We believe we can do more
together than apart.

As a multi-site, multi-church family



We are localized in our campuses. We have a meta-national mindset. Meta-national sets itself apart by means of a mindset that taps into localized knowledge and leadership.


We are decentralized in our leadership and ministries. Major decisions sit with the campus pastor rather than a single location.


We are diversified in our expression. While sharing a common corporate brand, at local levels, we practice a house of brands rather than a branded house approach.


We are synchronized in our mission and vision. We are also synchronized in seven essential processes and systems. Together our goal to “Amplify the Hope and Life of Jesus to All” is enabled as we intentionally live With God, In Community and On Mission.

Interested in coaching in
any of these 7 areas?

Together our mission is to
Amplify the Hope and Life of Jesus to All